to live ON, to go on, to love on – A pioneer for widows

Six interviews and seven different love and mourning stories by Cornelia Kazis.

Published by Xanthippe Verlag, Zurich 2019.



About the COVER

For the book «To live on, to go on, to love on – A pioneer for widows» Jutta Jacobi took the cover picture.

About the Book

To live on, to go on, to love on – A pioneer for widows

On average, women live 5 years longer than men. They usually love older partners and risk becoming widows after years of togetherness. 80 percent of all widowed people are female! That is worth mentioning. Compared to the large number of widows in our society, it is surprisingly quiet around these single women. They live in the social shadow. The cliché of the sexually unleashed, funny widow is just as unrealistic as the image of the grey woman who manages her remaining life lonely and detached from the world.

How has this civil status changed in the last 100 years? What does research know about helpful coping patterns after the great loss? What has to be considered that the widow does not become a poverty trap? What is meant by an ambiguous loss? And why does this biographical break often lead to stubbornness and unexpected autonomy?

Six interviews with proven experts shed light on the shadowy subject. Seven very different love and mourning stories provide insight into the vitality of women who have mastered the path from survival, back to life, to resurrection and afterlife.